Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint

Surface Preparation

Rust Rustler requires only minimal surface preparation. Just brush off all the loose dirt, rust, and scale with a steel brush. It is ideal for applications where sandblasting would not be possible or too costly. All surfaces should be dry and free from moisture.

How to apply Rust Rustler

Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint can be applied by brushing, rolling, paint mitt, airless sprayer or compressed sprayer. If you use a roller, be sure to use a quality roller comer (with a short nap for smooth surfaces.) The paint should be stirred well (shaking won't do the job) in the can before use. Stir paint occasionally and thoroughly while using.

Drying time

Like other long lasting paints, Rust Rustler is not a quick dry paint. Generally speaking, it will be dry-to-the-touch in 1 hour, but it may take days to totally cure. Then as time passes, it will become harder and harder. With Rust Rustler, this curing process is very important. A freshly painted surface may be handled within a few hours, but some care should be taken to avoid abrasion, impact, or undue stress for several days. For best results, apply the paint when the temperature will be above 60 F for a sustained period of time.


A primer is not needed for Rust Rustler. Our tests have shown Rust Rustler to be its own best primer. Should your customer insist on a primer, suggest using a second coat of Rust Rustler, (allowing adequate drying time between coats). You can even use Rust Rustler as a primer for metal and even wood. However, you need to be sure and use an oil-based paint as the topcoat (not a water-based latex).

Recoat time

Depending on temperature and humidity, wait at least 6 hours (or overnight) before you apply the second coat. If the humidity is high, or it is fairly cool, wait longer. Two coats are desirable for harsher environments, but not necessary.

Clean up

You can use mineral spirits, paint thinner, or naptha for cleaning up after painting.

Adding Thinner

We do not recommend adding thinner to Rust Rustler. The formula is specially balanced for optimum performance, and the addition of thinner may diminish Rust Rustler's effectiveness.


Rust Rustler can be stored up to 3 years or longer if it hasn't been opened. Do not let it freeze.

Tip for Spraying Rust Rustler

When spraying, either with the spray can or in a spraying rig, be sure to spray enough paint on the surface that you are painting. Because of Rust Rustler's exceptional hiding properties, it is possible to lightly spray a surface when it really needs a more thorough coat.

Safety Data Sheet

Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint

Rust Rustler Aluminum Spray Paint

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