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Painting is time consuming and something you don't want to repeat too often. That is why you need Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint! A single coat stops rust, gives you a bright, silvery finish, and looks great for up to 7 years or longer.

Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint is ideal for stopping rust and protecting metal on just about any surface where rust prevention is a concern. Rust Rustler has been used for 60 years in harsh environments on oil storage tanks, propane storage tanks, fire hydrants, roofs, barns, piping, fences, machinery, water plant applications, playground equipment, bridges, guardrails, metal buildings, bridges, and numerous other agricultural and industrial applications…any surface exposed to the elements. It can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed.

It is ideal for field application where you need a tough, long-lasting finish, and it is not feasible to sandblast.

Rust Rustler is excellent for surfaces of metal, but will also perform well on wood, concrete and bricks. It will even help stop the odor of scorched wood in burned buildings.

Rust Rustler covers an enormous 800 square feet per gallon, which is more than twice the coverage of ordinary paints. As the paint dries, 6 to 8 layers of aluminum flakes rise to the surface to form a metal barrier that protects against the elements. It also works well on metal surfaces that have already begun to rust, and will help prevent further corrosion. Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint also comes in a spray can that covers 50 square feet per can - 3 to 4 times the coverage of ordinary spray paints! Rust Rustler covers more and lasts longer!

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