Rust Rustler Application Guide

What is Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint?

Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint is an industrial grade aluminum paint invented in Hillsboro, Texas many years ago. It is made from a bodied linseed oil, which is water and alkali resistant. This oil gives the paint elasticity to withstand the expansion and contraction of metal surface without harmful effects. The vehicle of the paint performs very similarly to long oil spar varnish type vehicles. Thus, Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint gives satisfactory results with exterior and interior applications. It dries to a tough, elastic film with a lustrous finish.

What is different about Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint?

Rust Rustler Aluminum Paint contains no lead driers or asphalt. Therefore, it remains stable in the can and lasts for years and years. It does not darken or discolor. If the lid of the can is replaced tightly, the paint will not skin. One gallon covers approximately 800 sq. ft. on metal surfaces. When Rust Rustler is applied, 6-8 layers of aluminum flakes come to the top as it dries to form the metal layer which protects against weather, rust, sun, etc. It also covers metal surfaces that have already rusted, and will prevent further corrosion.

How long will that shiny finish last?

Much longer than any paints that we are aware of. Over time, the finish will become lighter rather than darken, like other aluminum paints.

How long will Rust Rustler last in the can?

If the can is unopened, it will last up to 3 years or longer.

What kind of temperatures can Rust Rustler withstand?

Rust Rustler is heat resistant up to 500° F. It has been observed that the temperature can drop to almost 0° F without a paint failure ("popping" off).

Is Rust Rustler environmentally friendly?

Yes. Rust Rustler is based on linseed oil, and contains no lead, asphalts, chromates or heavy metals. The maximum VOC is 440 g/l, with within adopted standards for metallic paint in most areas.

Is Rust Rustler available in colors other than the bright, silvery finish?

Because of its physical properties, it is not possible to manufacture Rust Rustler in other colors at this present time.

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